Oh Boy, The Youth Of America Is In Trouble. Someone Teach Them Something.


It’s official: we’re worried.

The youth of America is growing up super fast thanks to the Internet. It’s hard to see them grow up so quickly, especially when they run into some… maturity issues. When you see what these youths were doing, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.


1.) Someone isn’t making the NFL.

2.) Good thing computers are cheap…oh wait…they aren’t.

3.) Well, pool day has been ruined.

4.) Massive wedgie!

5.) Why would you do that in the first place?

6.) That guy’s face is super strong!

7.) This is just bad news waiting to happen.

8.) I can’t tell if these girls are happy to meet Justin Bieber or horrified.

9.) That kid knows what’s up.

10.) This is just unexplainable.

11.) Sexist from a young age.

12.) He almost fooled us all.

13.) Waste of a sandwich.

14.) Technically his trick worked.

15.) Hope that kid is wearing a cup.

16.) Well, at least that will make the swing go faster.

17.) I guarantee there is no candy.


Kids will be kids… but maybe we should take those cell phones away and let their brains develop a little while longer?

Let’s all say a prayer for our kids and hope they learn from these mistakes. Sure, everyone makes some stupid mistakes as a kid. At least we didn’t have as much photographic evidence when we were growing up.



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