Old Friends Discover They’re Actually Sisters Right Before Dad Dies


This story is almost too crazy to believe… but it’s 100% true.

Kathy grew up with two sisters, one brother, and her mother. But her father’s identity was always shrouded in mystery; he was like a hidden family secret.

In 2011 — now a full-grown adult — Kathy saw her birth certificate for the very first time. There was her birth father’s name: Clifford. She tracked him down, wrote him a letter, and included her phone number. He stashed the letter away in his desk.

One day, decades later, Clifford’s daughter Carol found the letter. “The girl that’s in the letter… is that your daughter?” she asked him. But Clifford said he didn’t know. By this point, Clifford was dying of leukemia and had only 4-6 weeks to live. Carol knew she needed to learn the truth behind the letter before it was too late. She called the phone number found in the letter and reached Kathy — and that’s where the story takes a remarkable turn.

Carol and Kathy put the pieces together. They grew up in the same school as young children. They were in the same classes. They had even lived just around the corner from each other, and were friends and playmates! But they had no idea they were much more than that….

Watch the video below as this incredible story unfolds. It’s truly something special to see these two women finally reconnect after so many years.

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