Old Guys Stun The Audience With Their Surprise ”Wedding” Dance


When these dancing dads appeared on stage at Britain’s Got Talent, the audience was in for a big surprise. As soon as the “bride and groom” say their vows and the music kicks in, their wedding-themed performance leaves the judges amazed!

Of course, this was no actual on-stage wedding — just a beautifully intricate set with surprise choreography, not unlike the real ones we’ve seen here before. Prepared to be delighted by Old Men Grooving — five men who, when they’re not tearing it up on the dance floor, work normal day jobs. One’s an IT manager, another a teacher, and so forth. However, their 9-to-5′s don’t keep them from pursuing their shared passion for dancing. The judges didn’t have high hopes for the group when they originally auditioned, but were quickly won over. Soon, the public couldn’t get enough of them, and OMG became a fan favorite in the competition.

Old Men Grooving proves there’s no age limit on having fun, and doing so in style. Wait until you see the bride re-appear on stage at 1:20 to shake things up!

Enjoy the performance below, and please SHARE this wonderful routine with all your family and friends on Facebook!



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