This Old Woman Visits Her Husband’s Grave, But Seconds Later? SHOCKING.


After her husband of 60 years tragically passed away, 78-year-old Tona Herdon was, understandably, heartbroken. Her world was turned upside-down, and visiting his gravesite was particularly emotional. One day at the graveyard, an unthinkable crime happened to her — a complete stranger walked up to her and mugged her, right there on the spot.

News of this terrible crime spread quickly. It popped up on news channels across the country. That’s when a 15-year-old named Christian Lunsford happened to see the segment about the old woman who was attacked and mugged at her beloved spouse’s gravesite, and he realized something huge. The mugger is Christian’s estranged father.

Christian took it upon himself to repay Tona $250, an act of kindness that earned him national recognition as a hero. But in yet another show of amazing kindness, Tona was so taken aback by Christian’s gesture of goodwill that she decided to give him the $250 back so he could still enjoy a school trip.

Watch the video below to see Tona and Christian meet in a church parking lot for the very first time, where they form the beginning of a truly remarkable connection. It’s wonderful to see a teenager with a bigger heart than most.

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