Oliva Newton-John And John Travolta Reunite For ‘Grease’ Performance


In 1978, a rising star, John Travolta, and newcomer Olivia Newton-John appeared in Grease; the musical would go onto have a best-selling soundtrack that year, second only to another of Travolta’s films: Saturday Night Fever.

Saturday Night Fever may have gotten him an Oscar nom, but it goes without saying that Grease is Travolta’s most iconic role (even astronaut Buzz Aldrin is a huge fan).

I have an inkling that it was his on-screen chemistry with Olivia Newton-John that made the Danny Zuko unforgettable. The pair’s most iconic duet is none other than “You’re The One That I Want.”

The number appears at the end of the film, where both characters have undergone full transformations. Newton-John is a little more rough around the edges and Travolta’s become a more stand-up guy.

In 2002, the old friends reunited on stage to give the classic new life. At 2:15, the two even break out into the original choreography!

It should come as no surprise that they’re still good friends. “We see each other about twice a year, talk about three times a year and we text every two weeks,” Travolta said in 2014. “‘I love Olivia, we shared a mega success together, Grease is the biggest movie musical in history and it doesn’t go away.”

Travolta really credits the fans for keeping the memory alive and giving him a little joy every day.

“When people see you and they have tears in their eyes, ‘I watched Grease 175 times’ on Saturday night, ‘I dressed up like you and I went to the clubs’ — it was a big moment in their life it was a happy moment. How can you not love that you give them that gift? It’s a great gift to give people,” he said.

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