Olympia Great-Grandmother Feeds 200 Kids In Need A Day


When we say the word “hero,” the images that immediately come to mind are perhaps those of public servants — of firefighters, of veterans, of nonprofit organizations. But what of our everyday heroes? One incredible woman is serving to prove that you don’t need be extraordinary to have an impact.

Phyllis Shaughnessy of Grays Harbor County, WA is tackling child hunger in her area one bagged lunch at a time through local nonprofit Green Lantern Lunches. The program targets low-income children who rely on the free lunches provided through the education system during the school year, ensuring that they stay fed when school lets out for summer.

While the bagged lunches include mostly nonperishable foods like canned fruits and veggies, Top Ramen, and crackers, they ensure that children who may otherwise go hungry have something to eat. They also look forward to seeing Phyllis, who says her door-to-door service is a combination of food drive and love.

But this isn’t work for Phyllis — she regards giving back as more of a calling than a chore.

“It’s my job,” she says. “We’re all put on the earth to do something. Better to give than to take.”

If you’d like to learn more about how to help, visit Phyllis’ GoFundMe page.

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