One Of The Dogs Pooped In The Kitchen. The Other Instantly Gives In To Mom’s Interrogation.


For many people that own dogs, our furry, four-legged companions are an endless source of unconditional love and affection. But, they can also be a source of entertainment. Rarely a day goes by that my dogs don’t do something that causes me to double over with laughter.

But, as much as dogs are loyal, adorable, and even hilarious, they can also be naughty. Raising a dog or more than one can mean that occasionally something gets chewed up or broken and that they sometimes make a mess in the house. Fortunately, they’re so adorable that I tend to forgive them immediately, every single time.

The two dogs in this video have the “cute” factor going for them. Judy and Sunny are an adorable pair! Training them must have been incredibly difficult, because how could you ever correct either one with those fuzzy faces and soulful eyes looking up at you? I just want to give them love, cuddles, and lots and lots of treats.

But, that being said, neither one of those dogs has pooped on my floor. It seems that one of these little cuties had had an accident in the house, and their mom wants to know who the culprit is. So, who better to ask than the dogs themselves.



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