No One Wanted This 6-Toed Cat. When He’s Finally Adopted? You Have To See THIS!


Sure, we’ve all seen dogs perform incredible tricks, but when cats do tricks, the awe factor is just taken to a whole new level!

Most cats aren’t fond of following orders, but Pee Wee is definitely different. Not only is he happy to learn a new trick, he’ll do it over and over again. This lovable six-toed cat is so happy to be with his new forever family that he doesn’t mind showing off his tricks whenever his mom asks!

According to his owner, Pee Wee “speaks on command, and his mitten paws allow him to catch the rewards we throw to him while seated on his perch on our deck. As the newest member of the family, he continues to amaze us with his intelligence, affection, and dexterity.”

Have you ever been able to teach your cat a trick? If so, tell us how you did it! Maybe cats really are more eager to please than we previously thought…

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