Orangutan Shares Heartwarming Moment With Human Mom And Baby


Newborn babies are a blessing, and they bring joy everyone around them. But it isn’t just humans who turn to mush, cooing over these fragile babies.

In the following video, a sweet orangutan shares a heartwarming moment with a human mom and her baby.

As the woman walks up to the glass, holding her baby swaddled against her chest, the wild animal peers through the glass and ogles the newborn. The orangutan is so excited and leans in as close as possible to the glass to get a good look at the infant.

They share a special moment, as the orangutan seems to smile and appears to give the tiny miracle a kiss through the glass. Aww!

This is such a great reminder than these wild animals are gentle, passionate and intelligent creatures. Despite a lack of verbal communication, there seems to be an unspoken understanding between the orangutan and human.

According to The Orangutan Foundation International, mother-young orangutan relationship lasts for many years in the wild. The prolonged association between mother and offspring is rare among mammals — and probably only humans have a more intensive relationship with their mothers.

“Only humans have a more intensive relationship with their mothers. Primatologists believe that orangutans have such long ‘childhoods’ because there is so much that they need to learn before they can live alone successfully,” according to the association.

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