Oscar The Boston Terrier Lounges In Bed Full Of Treats


Oscar the Boston terrier might be one of the chillest dogs on Earth. During a fun photo shoot, his owner showered him in a Milk Bone bath, and the dog had the opposite reaction to what she expected.

Instead of eating all the treats or trying to squirm out,Oscar stayed in his bed and was a patient and well-behaved pup. Oscar shows a ridiculous amount of self control, as he lounges in a bed full of Milk Bone treats.

After uploading a photo, many speculated that the photo wasn’t real, so she turned on her camera and proved that Oscar is truly living the luxe life.

“I did this for a photoshoot, and people didn’t believe it was real and that the picture was photoshopped. I did this video to show that it’s real, and he doesn’t mind it at all,” his owner wrote on YouTube. “I was telling him ‘okay,’ and he still didn’t want to move. Even after I gave him one of the treats and my chihuahua Sadie stole one from the pile, he wanted to stay where he was.

“He could have gotten up at any time and he was actually falling asleep a few times!”

This video, which was uploaded back in 2012, has recently made a resurgence thanks to social media, and we couldn’t be more thankful. The photoshoot was initially planned to help spread awareness about pet adoption. According to Oscar’s Facebook page, his mission is “to stop puppy mills, get more people adopting shelter animals, and much more!”

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