When This Owl Takes Flight, They Never Expect Him To Land Here


Of all the birds I’ve seen in the wild, there is perhaps none I love more than the owl. While majestic, stoic, and beautiful creatures, one shouldn’t make the mistake of not respecting their predatory prowess. While owls sit atop perches, typically in isolation, they also sit fairly close to the top of the food chain and thus don’t have too many predators to worry about.

This particular owl sheds the solitary stigma that adorns the species and without warning flies straight towards this camera crew. While the members of said crew seem to not be overly concerned about the owl’s movement towards them, I certainly would have been terrified of its talon trajectory. It’s what happens next, however, that is truly remarkable.
it becomes apparent rather quickly that this owl isn’t looking to attack. It’s looking to make friends. Or perhaps it’s looking to expand its portfolio in hopes to land its first owl magazine cover photo? In one fell swoop (literally) the own takes residence right on the head of one of the cameraman! From there a barrage of camera clicks capture this awesome bird in all its glory.
Have you ever seen anything like this? Like I said, I would have been terrified, but it’s a truly remarkable site nonetheless. How would you have reacted in this situation? Let us know in the comments, and share this video if you thought it was as awesome as I did.




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