Ozzy The Rescue Weasel Loves To Play With His Stuffed Animal Friends


Ozzy the rescue weasel loves to play with his stuffed animal friends. In fact, Ozzy’s human came up with a game in which he presents four choices for Ozzy to make. For whatever reason, every single time, Ozzy ends up choosing the tiny Eeyore stuffed animal. No matter where he’s placed he chooses Eeyore every time. Even after the toy has been washed!

Weasels don’t normally make good pets, with their rambunctious attitude, huge amounts of energy, incredibly sharp teeth, and love of being free; these animals just don’t like being cooped up inside. But Ozzy is a very rare case; his human wants everyone to know that Ozzy was a very rare rescue situation in which Ozzy has to live with humans in order to survive at this point.

Event though this little fluff-ball is one of the most adorable animals out there, it should be noted that these animals just don’t belong in a home unless you’re a properly trained keeper!

Luckily, Ozzy’s human knows what he’s doing, and when you watch the little guy play with his favorite Eeyore toy time and time again, you’ll quickly realize that he’s as happy as happy can be. While little Ozzy won’t ever be able to live back in the wild, we’re happy that this little rescue weasel was given the chance to live out his life surrounded by a human who will love him and take good care of him!

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