Parents Lose it When 2-Yr-Old Son Disappeares into Cornfield, Researchers Find Him But He Isn’t Alone


Nothing sends chills down a parent’s spine than a sudden realization that their kid has gone missing. No feeling is worse than that!

Imagine keeping your eye on your kid for some time, and the minute you look away, they’re gone! It happened to one family in Richmond, Minnesota, and it was one heck of a scare. It happened when little Mason decided to walk into a cornfield while his family was out enjoying some nice time on the farm. You can imagine the shock when his parents learned of his sudden disappearance!

The cornfield had to be combed by over 200 people and cops looking for the 2-year-old. Luckily, the family dog, Bella grace, together with her little pup, Madeline, had followed Mason into the plantation. It’s Bella’s big heat signature that enabled the search helicopter to find the baby. In fact, the dog barked all the time to attract attention and give away their location. The dog literally saved this child’s life!



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