Parents Open Up To Stepparents In This Heartwarming Video


Being a stepparent isn’t an easy task. Aside from wanting to be accepted by a spouse’s child, there’s often also a hope to be respected by the other parent.

Despite the challenges that come along with being a stepparent, many have embraced the role, including the groom who shared lovely vows for his bride’s three children. And who could forget about the man who broke down in tears when his stepdaughter’s biological father invited him to walk her down the aisle?

The blended family below, who showcases their journey in a touching video by SoulPancake, is another that will tug at your heartstrings.

After a seven-year marriage and welcoming son Nakhjavani, Jamey and Tara called it quits. Eventually both got remarried to people who quickly treated Nakhjavani like their very own.

“He fully embraces him,” Jamey said about his son’s stepfather. “I saw him cry once when my son wasn’t telling the truth about something. I saw Jason be hurt. Like he’s invested in him.”

Tara shared similar sentiments for her son’s stepmom Natasha saying, “I haven’t had the opportunity to really sit with Natasha and thank her for all the incredible work that she does with my son. She needs to hear it.”

For the first time, Jamey and Tara wanted to let the stepparents know that they are appreciated by reading them letters they wrote. The heartwarming moment is full of emotion and happy tears.

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