Parrot Has No Idea She Is Not A Dog


The parrot in this video is experiencing an identity crisis! She truly thinks she is a puppy dog and loves playing with dog squeaky toys. As she lies on her back, she is fully enjoying playing with her fun dog toy. This is a bird that is not content with the same-old-same-old bird toy! She highly prefers the squeaky toys one would give to a puppy to play with. When you see her playing with her toy, you will find the cuteness level of this video goes through the roof!


Can you imagine how spoiled this birdie must be! She is living the life of luxury and gets to pretend she is a puppy any time she likes! Oh, the cuteness you will experience when you hit play on this video and begin to watch! If you’ve had a bad day, this will instantly perk you up! Watch this adorable video and Please SHARE on Facebook.




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