Passersby Ignore Woman In Yellow Until She Opens Her Mouth And Suddenly They Can’t Look Away


For those who live in city areas it’s not uncommon to hear buskers performing on the streets. Although many of them are very talented individuals, people don’t always stop to give them the praise they deserve. Whether they’re on their way to work, or are just focused on other things – oftentimes these performers go unnoticed. That is unless they really stand out.

It was just a typical day in the Chicago subway for dozens of strangers who were going about their business. A woman named Ashley Stevenson sat on a stool in a yellow jacket, hanging her head down while she held a guitar. She had a box sitting out in the hopes of earning money for her talent from those passing by. While she may have been ignored at first, suddenly Ashley began wildly strumming her guitar and belting out the lyrics to the classic song “Landslide.” In no time she had everyone hypnotized.



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