Paul Hunt’s Comedic Gymnastics Routine Is Pure Gold


Though comedy and gymnastics routines aren’t commonly associated with each other, this video proves that there’s a way to combine the two effectively. Paul Hunt, under the stage name “Paulette Huntsinova,” enchants everyone at the 1988 USA-USSR display in Los Angeles with his unconventional performance. He dons a women’s costume and showcases both his impressive technical skill and wonderful comedic timing.

After an illustrious career as a traditional gymnast in Utah, Hunt began coaching at an Olympic level. This “Paulette” routine developed as a result of coaching female gymnasts through his demonstrations of their common mistakes. From there, the routine has become a parody of women’s routines, and according to his website has been featured on both Wide World of Sports and America’s Funniest Videos.

Watch “Paulette”perform her delightful floor exercise in the clip below, and share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Not only is his routine seriously impressive, but he looks amazing performing it! I can only hope to look as good as he does in a leotard




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