Not Only Did These People Climb The Alps, They Did Something So Cool Up There.


Modeling might seem easy, but you’ll never know when you’ll be on top of the Matterhorn posing for pictures with a mob of other red-clad men. (YEP.) For their 2015 ad campaign, trekking company Mammut sent photographer Robert Boesch and many model mountaineers to the alps to take breathtaking pictures.

In addition to looking awesome, the ads are also an homage to Edward Whymper, who became the first person to climb to the top 150 years ago. The shoot was a dangerous one, but boy, did the risk pay off. Take a look at how it came out!

They’ve got the whole world in their mountain range.

So THAT’S where the mountain is. Thanks.

That is some display of teamwork.

X marks the spot.

What an orderly group.

So many people, such a tiny dot.


Hanging out.

Real models stick together.

This is awesome.

(via My Modern Met)

Bravo. These would be impressive even if they were Photoshopped. I mean, wow. Way to go, everyone.



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