Their Performance On Stage Is MESMERIZING! Patty Cake Never Looked So Cool!


WARNING! The applause at the end is extremely loud, but once you see what these teen boys can do, you’ll probably be cheering along with the rest!

It was the annual youth conference talent show and these group of close friends wanted to do something extra memorable for the competition. There have been plenty of performances of cover songs and dance numbers, but these men wanted to do something no one has ever seen before!

Watch as these boys sit onstage in a motionless row. As audience members wait for music to turn on, one boy starts to clap… then another… then another. It’s not long until all six of the boys are clapping in sync, making incredible music just using their hands! Who knew clapping can be so mesmerizing?

Not sure if this hand clapping performance won the title, but they’re champions in my eyes! This performance is insane!

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