She Performs Elvis’ Classic As A Dedication To Her Late Mother. You’ll Be Touched By The Reason Behind It!


At 7 years of age, Rhema Marvanne has gone through a lot in life.  This can be justified by the number of blues songs she has been capable of writing… as a matter of fact, a whole album. When you hear the little girl sing, you will know what I’m talking about!

Diagnosis done on Rhema’s mother showed that she had ovarian cancer while she was very young. Her father did not hide the truth from her and decided to take her along on every visit he made to visit the mother. The presence of Wendi’s daughter in her final days was more than comforting though she was going through a lot of pain and suffering. This little girl was made strong by this difficult experience.

Though Rhema used to sing, her singing increased after the death of her mother and she did this in most occasions to dedicate it to the mother. Here, she sings Elvis Presley’s Song, “Blue Christmas”; a song that her mother loved to listen to over Christmas. According to her YouTube page, she says the song was dedicated to her mother Wendi Marvanne who is in heaven

I was left in tears when I listened to her do a rendition of Elvis’ classic in a soulful and beautiful manner. Surely, if the mother is watching from above, she must be proud of the talent in the young girl.

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