Phoenix Cop Filmed Giving A Homeless Man New Shoes


APhoenix resident filmed the heartwarming moment a local police officer gave a homeless man a new pair of shoes and shared it on YouTube for the world to see.

“That just shows exactly how much our officers serve Phoenix and help the community and also protecting the community,” the man recording, Raymond Celaya, says in the clip. “I just thought I’d post this and let everybody know.”

In the short video, we see Officer Mark Valenzuela putting the new shoes on the homeless man while he sits on the patrol car.

He’s now one of several cops who have been recorded in this act of kindness, including the one in Florida who purchased sneakers for a homeless man for Christmas and the one in California who helped a homeless teen whose feet were burning from the hot sun.

The officer said that he encountered the homeless man by chance and felt “bad” that he didn’t have any shoes on. Officer Valenzuela had a new pair of shoes he bought for his son in his patrol car and they happened to fit the stranger.

“He was just very thankful. He choked me up a little bit,” Valenzuela told 12 News Phoenix. “I could see a little bit of money in his pocket, he had some dollar bills and some change. He wanted to pay me for the shoes and I just told him they were a gift from God.”

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