Photographer Notices Monkey Cradling Something Strange… She Looks Closer, And Gasps


Monkeys can do things that are least expected. Some of them will be obsessed with shiny items, stuffed animals and human toys that they keep them close while in captivity. However, in the wilderness it is hard to find the monkeys with interesting collections in their possession.

One photographer captured something magical and unexpected. Anne Young was visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest sanctuary in Indonesia to capture some photos of wild monkeys. She accepted to capture monkeys in their typical behavior, but she was in for a surprise.

One monkey was holding onto something. Upon taking a closer look, she realized it was a ginger cat. Anna watched the pair for a moment and the monkey appeared unhappy being watched.

The monkey kept turning the cat away from the camera and even covered it with a leaf to hide its face. When the cat tried to walk away from all the attention, the monkey would pull it back and groom it. The other members of the monkey pride did not seem to notice the cat’s presence.

It is one of those rare occurrences when an animal adopts another animal from a different species. Have you ever witnessed something similar before?

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