Piano Performance At Paris Saint-Lazare Leaves Onlookers Amazed


Paris Saint-Lazare, one of the biggest railway stations in Paris, sees almost 500,000 travelers each day, according to RailEurope. The station first opened its doors back in 1837, and has since grown to include 27 platforms and a full-fledged shopping mall. Among all the hustle and bustle of the second busiest railway station in Europe, there sits a piano which passersby are free to play.

When it comes to performers, artists, or any type of talent, it’s always those that you least expect who leave you the most awe-struck. Whether it’s because of age or appearance, there’s something about the shattering of expectations that truly enhances a performance of any kind. Below, watch as a young boy approaches the piano in Paris Saint-Lazare and mesmerizes passersby for ten minutes straight.

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