He Picks Up A Peculiar Egg…When You See What’s Inside, You’ll Squeal!


Ahh, the miracle of life! Is there anything more exciting than a baby entering this world and opening their eyes for the very first time?

This fascinating video proves there really isn’t anything like it. Here, you’ll see a tiny egg in the palm of a human hand, just moments before the mystery creature enters our world for the very first time. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t a tiny bird being born, but a member of the reptile family. Get ready to feel like you’re watching a scene from Jurassic Park, because this little chameleon is ready to pop out!

Chameleons are best known for being some of the most stylish animals ever. These tiny lizards are some of the only animals that adapt to their surroundings by changing color. From red to blue to green and back again, these lizards with super long tongues and the ability to look in two different directions are some of the coolest critters around!

This baby Godzilla is such a tiny miracle – and the awesome soundtrack is just the icing on the cake. This chalky green guy is sure to remind you just how fascinating nature is.

Welcome to the world little fella!

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