This Pit Bull Saved A Cat From A Coyote Attack! Now He Won’t Leave Her Side!


Jack the pit bull started living with Sherree Lewis after Jack’s owner, her son, was deployed to Afghanistan. One night, Jack saw Sherree’s outdoor cat, Kitty, being taken away by two coyotes, and without a second thought, ran after them. Jack managed to save the cat, and she was rushed to an emergency vet where her life was saved.

“He probably feels like he’s the caretaker. He checks on her every day and sniffs her, seeing what kind of shape she is in,” Sherree says, going on to say that Jack hasn’t left Kitty’s side while she’s been recuperating from brain swelling.

When I see videos like this, it makes me believe even more that animals really do understand love and compassion, and never give a second thought to putting themselves in harm’s way to protect a smaller, more innocent being.

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