Police Dog Makes Hilarious Move During Training Session


Training police dogs is very serious business, but this brilliant German Shepherd still manages to find the levity in the situation. Watch as this canine cop goes through a training drill, learning how to attack a criminal, only to obey the “stand still” command in the most hilarious manner possible. The moment’s so silly, everybody breaks out into laughter.

The most commonly trained police dogs, also known as K9s, are German Shepherds like the one seen in this video. Many male police dogs are left un-neutered when they enter the force in order to preserve their classic aggressive behavior. In terms of their roles on the force, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation describes K9s as “trained to a high level of obedience. They are expected to follow both verbal and hand commands of their handler. The dogs are able to be placed in a ‘down stay’ while the ECO handler converses with the public, yet be ready for immediate recall if necessary.” Still, while we respect these majestic animals’ role in law enforcement quite seriously, we can’t help but giggle at this particular dog’s unintentional move!

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