Police Officer Finds A 3-Year-Old Girl In The Middle Of A Freezing Cold Parking Lot


When 3-year-old Caraline Leon-Alocar was waiting for her mother to run a quick errand, she had no idea she was moments away from being a national news story.

The tiny girl’s mother was horrified to realize that her car was missing, along with her darling little girl. She instantly called the police, but grew more and more afraid with each passing minute. Eventually, the stolen car was found, but the little girl remained missing.

The mother was only 10 feet away filling up a water-jug, so she had no reason to expect that a monster could act that fast! But an Amber alert was quickly issued, but as the sun began to set, and the weather grew colder, this poor mom was in a horrible place.

While some are calling it nothing more than good luck, others are calling it a miracle. But when Officer Chris Poccia was walking through the freezing cold parking lot, something small and purple caught his eye. There she was, a tiny little girl in the empty acres of the parking lot!

He rushed to the girl and felt a huge sense of relief wash over him when he saw that although she was shivering like a little leaf, she was certainly going to be completely fine.

Everyone in his community is calling him a hero, but he continues to insist that he’s only doing his job. This incredible man is an inspiration to everyone, and we can only hope that the person who left this little girl in the cold will be caught!

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