Polish Gymnasts Stun In Worldwide Event


Gymnastics may not get the attention and exposure that sports like football and soccer do, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. To become a successful gymnast, one must completely dedicate oneself to the sport – sacrificing nearly all free time for long hours in the gym. The sport requires extreme flexibility, strength, and focus. A near-perfect routine can crumble down with just one simple mishap. It’s a sport for perfectionists – one could say – and it takes years to master the necessary skills.

The below video comes from Paris, France, and features a trio of Polish gymnasts in a qualifying event in 2014. Their routine is judged on three elements: difficulty, artistry, and execution. If we were the judges, this would have been a perfect score.

Check the video out for yourself to see this dazzling display of strength, agility, and choreography. How would you rate it?

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