These Poor People Don’t Understand How Hair Works. Oh No…


I’ve been to the barber a bunch of times in my life and I’ve rarely left satisfied with the end result. I always worry about how stupid I’ll look with my new haircut. But these people right here? They are on a completely different level. (It’s not good.)

1.) I think she likes Dr. Seuss too much.

2.) Next time, just shave your whole head.

3.) This can’t be physically possible, right?

4.) This Rapunzel is FO REAL.

5.) … … yikes.

6.) No, it’s not a chin strap. It’s a head strap.

7.) What? The “chicken foot” hairstyle is so in.

8.) Why, yes. That IS a rat tail.

9.) This is also a rat tail.

10.) This is an explosion of NO.

11.) Looking as if you have an animal in your hair = not a good thing.

12.) Pippi Longstockings got real scary, real fast.

13.) First, he’ll lay you out. Then, he’ll confuse you with his beard.

14.) Who needs a veil when you have your own hair?

15.) LOLOLOL. Nope.

16.) Cousin It’s sexier sister.



Now I don’t feel too bad about my haircut. I think I’m looking pretty good actually. Share this post if you know some people with bad haircuts.



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