These Puppies Were Just Born. What The Camera Captured Is Simply Amazing.


There are few things in this world as cute as a newborn. Whether it’s a tiny, little human newborn or an animal, freshly-born babies usually equal instant smiles for folks like us. Not only are they super cute, but they also signal the beauty and hope of brand new life, which should be enough to make anyone happy.

In this video, we get the privilege of watching the first few weeks of a life for a litter of newborn husky puppies. The video shows the pups huddled up as a group, still in their very early stages where it’s clear that they can’t see (or, presumably, hear) yet. We then follow along as they get to experience their first shaky steps, find their voices, and nurse from their patient mother.

In less than four minutes of video, the newborns grow quickly into more independent puppies as they begin to wander around the house, interact with a child, and use pee pads for the first time. Yet they still feel a tug and pull back to their mother as she cares for them.

The beauty of this video is the simple fact that we get to watch these puppies grow. It’s a great concept and the backing track (a giddy cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”) gives the clip a lighthearted feeling that makes what we’re seeing a little more funny. It’s perfect instant-smile material.

Now, raise your hand if you’re dying to see a follow-up video of these husky pups all grown up? We sure do!

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