Puppy Crawls Under Table During Game Of Tag


You might think that being short or small is a disadvantage. But being pretty short myself, I can tell you that this is totally not true.

Sure it can be annoying when you can’t see over the head in front of you at the movie theater or concert, but as soon as they realize they are blocking your view, those people will almost always let you sneak up in front of them.

Basically, any challenge that small or short people face has it’s upside, and the same goes for those animals who are vertically challenged too!

Jus check out the tiny dog named Quasi Modo, whose size has made him a celebrity in the animal world!

Talisker, the little Golden Retriever pup in this video, might not be small for much longer, but he embraces his size while he can. Using his size to his advantage, he outsmarts his big brother Fearghas by dashing under the coffee, something only he can do.

As long as he is this size, Talisker is sure to always win at games of tag, yet another reason why being the “little guy” ain’t so bad!

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