This Puppy Met A Horse On The Street. When She Tries To Give Him A Kiss… WHOA!


It’s not every day that animals from different species form bonds. Yet, there are moments when these unions do happen, and the results are simply adorable.

For example, there’s the friendship between a dog named Bow-Z and a cat named Jasper that dispels the theory that these two animals can’t be amicable. And sometimes even birds and dogs can become buddies — like these two who are clearly partners in crime.

In the video below a similarly remarkable instance was caught between a New York City police officer’s horse and the French bulldog of a passerby.

At first the pooch seemed a little reserved, but then he couldn’t get enough of the horse, who towered over her. The bulldog kept jumping around and putting her nose to the horse’s face. And the big brown horse didn’t seem to mind at all, as he kept bowing his head to get closer to the pooch.

It gets better: watch what the little bulldog does at the 1:30 mark!

The incredible union also drew a smiling crowd and one stranger even started taking photos.

“They’re best friends now,” someone is heard saying on camera.

Watch the clip below and please SHARE with all the animals lovers you know — they’re sure to get a laugh out of this odd couple!




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