He Put A Camera In The Car, But When The Dog Does THIS? I Can’t Believe It!


Dogs can have quite the reaction to their humans’ offbeat commands. Whether you think they’re happily joining in or telling them to shut up, dogs have a way of stealing any video star’s thunder with their hilarious howls and growls.

Here, we meet a couple guys enjoying a sunny day while driving around in the car… with a loyal French bulldog named Junior riding faithfully in the backseat. As soon as they start speaking in different languages, Walter — the man in the driver’s seat – asks the talkative Junior to follow their lead. From English to French, this four-legged language aficionado can do it all, and with such emotion! What a voice!

Let’s face it, Frenchies are one of the best breeds ever. Case in point: Pixel, the French bulldog who has a hilarious obsession with slippers. These dogs don’t bark much, but that doesn’t mean they’re not vocal. Frenchies are known for their snorting, snuffling, grunting, and snoring. Just listen to Junior and you’ll totally see what I mean.

This video made my day. Not only are these men easy on the eyes, but it’s made even better when they’re joined by an adorable canine companion :)

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