She Put Her Cat In The Bath For The First Time. Now Watch His Reaction…


Montee isn’t your ordinary cat. You see, he has a fondness for bathtime that many cats would find repulsive. Lucky for us, Montee has a reaction to water that will melt your heart into a puddle! It also doesn’t hurt that Montee is a an adorable hairless cat, wrinkles and all.

This was Montee’s very first bath, and mom Lindsay was pleasantly surprised to see how well he did. I love how she loaded the tub with toys for him to play with 🙂

According to Cat Channel, “Common knowledge holds that cats hate water: They hate baths, hate swimming — some misinformed people even spray water as a behavior deterrent for cats. But beyond asking why cats hate water, let’s find out whether this is myth or fact. In truth, many cats enjoy water, and have for some time. Egyptian hieroglyphics depict cats hunting in marshes with their owners. Cats have been seen hooking trout and other fish out of streams with their paws. Cats have even been observed teaching other cats to fish.”

Though anti-bath cats can be found in tons of viral videos, Montee reminds me of Boofcat, the Persian who loves nothing more than a warm bath.

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