Real-Life Catwoman? Chinese Woman Confronts Three Men And Floors Them In Bar Fight


A Chinese woman is shown on a CCTV footage knocking out three men who appeared to have gotten rowdy in a small restaurant.

The tape shows one of the men throwing plates on the ground, then two employees show up and try to pacify the situation. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work and the customer seems to get even more belligerent.

The woman, who appears at the back of the video, then steps forward with an umbrella in one hand and, displaying amazing martial arts skills, floored the angry customer and his two buddies who had eventually joined the fight.

The “real-life Catwoman,” as she’s been referred to online, then calmly and casually walked out of the restaurant without a second glance at the assailants.

The footage is shown to have been filmed on January 28, and was uploaded to YouTube on February 1. After the authenticity of the video was questioned by YouTuber users, the uploader, The Multi Channel, has since stated that the forty-eight second clip is completely real.




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