She Refused To Euthanize Her. Now This Pit Bull Puppy Proves To Be A Miracle!


Meet Ruby Sue. She’s an 8-month-old Pit Bull puppy who was born with a serious birth defect, but fought her way to survive and has been an inspiration to everyone she’s encountered since.

When Ruby was born, three different veterinarians advised that she be put down. You might think that her cleft palate and lip makes her extra adorable, but it caused her major problems in the beginning and doctors said she’d never survive. Ruby’s disability made it difficult for her to nurse from her mother and even when she did get milk, it would leak into her lungs and make her very sick.

At 5 days old, Ruby was handed over to the Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation, an amazing organization that help animals with serious medical conditions. That’s when doctors said that Ruby was severely malnourished and suffering from aspiration caused by pneumonia and euthanizing her was the best option.

Although Ruby was so sick, she lifted her head and sucked on her foster mom, Jenn Clayton’s, finger while in the doctor’s office. That’s when Jenn said she realized Ruby was a fighter and she had to find away to keep her alive. Jenn started feeding Ruby the nutritious meals and antibiotics she needed to get healthy through a feeding tube.

For four months Jenn fed baby Rosie through the tube, until she was big enough and strong enough for surgery. Veterinarians fixed the cleft palate hole in Ruby’s mouth and she’s been eating like a champ and growing like a weed ever since!

Throughout Ruby’s difficult journey, she’s gained thousands of fans on her Facebook page, For the Love of Ruby. People all around the world are inspired by Ruby’s story and her group of doggy friends who also have disabilities.

Check out the touching photos below to learn more about Ruby Sue’s incredible journey.

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Ruby Sue is a puppy born with severe birth defects and not expected to live very long. This tiny girl proved she was a fighter from the start and amazingly proved everyone wrong!


This sweet Pit Bull was born with a cleft palate and lip, making it extremely difficult for this little baby to nurse from her mother.



Even when Ruby was able to nurse, the milk would enter her lungs, causing major problems. At 5 days old, Ruby’s breeder turned her over to Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation.


UAAF specializes in helping animals with serious medical conditions. Three different doctors advised Ruby’s new foster mom, Jenn Clayton to peacefully put the baby girl to rest, since she was so malnourished, suffering from pneumonia and unable to eat anything.


Jenn knew right away Ruby was a fighter and refused to give up hope. Through a feeding tube, Ruby ate and got the medicine she needed to make her stronger.


The tiny pup was afraid of the tube at first, but then realized it would fill up her baby belly. Ruby continued to eat through a tube for four months, until she was big enough and strong enough to undergo surgery.


The surgery was successful and Ruby was finally able to eat real dog food. Jenn says she hasn’t stopped eating since and is the happiest puppy she’s ever seen!


Every birthday that Ruby Sue celebrates is a true miracle. Her cleft lip might make people do a double take, but it also shows the world she’s one-of-a-kind!


From the looks of Ruby Sue’s Facebook page, she is never alone. This Pit puppy has tons of friends, many who are extra special just like she is!


Ruby Sue’s journey to good health was documented on her Facebook page, which has over 21,000 fans around the world. Ruby loves doing meet and greets with some of the fans she’s been an inspiration to.


From a medical standpoint, Ruby Sue shouldn’t be alive today. The little puppy who couldn’t eat a thing is now the happiest rescue dog around. How can you not love a face like this?




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