Rescued a dog thrown out of the car and found a sick kitten


Rescuers from Hope For Paws went to the site where they saw the dog thrown from a parked car. Also on the way, while exploring the area, Alex notices a lifeless kitten lying under the car. She was still breathing, so the rescue continued. The mechanic kept the dog safe until she arrived, which made him a little uneasy…

Time to take these two back to the vet for a bath and a checkup. Fern’s cat had upper respiratory problems and needed to have a polyp removed from her nasopharynx so she could breathe easily again. Templeton’s dog recovered quickly and found a home right away! The story of this dog and cat’s second chance at life is forever linked. Templeton and Fern may not know it, but they’re the only reason they’re both here!



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