Rescuers Unable to Save 200 Stranded Horses on a Small Piece of Land, but Seven Women Devise a Solution


In 2006, over 200 horses were stranded in the mud due to a severe storm.
Save the great Dutch horse.

This was reported by the world media. 19 of these horses were unable to accelerate due to the race. After 3 days of falling in one place, it was impossible to save the horses. Fortunately, firefighters and social workers were able to provide them with everything they needed to survive.

Even as the water level began to drop, the authorities could not devise a plan to save the horses.
They were afraid to go into the water, so it was almost impossible to enter voluntarily.

Then they had an idea.

First, a group of knights and horses waded through shallow water. Let’s hope herd-minded horses follow suit soon.

Everyone hoped to get to the other side unharmed.

But did they do it? Luckily, we captured those precious seconds on video to watch decades later! Watch the rescue operation



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