Retail Worker Sends Lifesaving Email By Accident


Donna Fredrick and Marc Gelinas were delighted to get engaged, but four days after the proposal, Marc received sad news. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Then another bizarre thing happened: Donna got an email from an area manager from a company called Mattress Firm. The email was from Crystal Lively, an employee, and it was about Mattress Firm’s latest research on — unbelievably — pancreatic cancer. The company has donated $2 million in research for the illness, and each store is decorated with purple to show its support.

“It was completely a coincidence. She was accidentally added to an email thread in a corporate environment,” Marc told Human Kind. The mix-up happened when Donna’s company was invited to Mattress Firm’s holiday party. Donna’s email was added to the wrong mailing list, but the screw up would save Marc’s life. When Donna first called Crystal, Crystal thought she was in trouble!

“First thinking I’m going to be in trouble because I sent the email to the wrong person, but then thinking, ‘This is okay, we can help them!’ It worked out to be a small miracle,” Crystal says. With Mattress Firm’s recommendation, they were connected with Emory Hospital staff who shrank the tumor and then removed it. By the time the couple got married, Marc was cancer-free.

Needless to say, Crystal’s little mistake was far from that — it was a miracle.

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