They Reunite A Worried Mom With Her Tiny Babies, Now Watch Her Reaction…


Now this is a beautiful family…

Asha Attie, a small Shih Tzu, was abandoned at a Los Angeles shelter while she was in labor. It was clear she had lived a life of serious neglect, as her fur was completely matted and infested with fleas. The matting was so severe that she was unable to nurse her four puppies once they arrived, thus putting their lives in serious danger. That’s when the Bill Foundation received an urgent plea asking if they could rescue this mama and give her family a chance at life. The team stepped in and within hours, they were on their way to the shelter.

Once they arrived and brought the little family to the vet, Asha was separated from her puppies so she could be groomed as quickly as possible. It took over 90 minutes to shave her — but only moments for her to begin providing her babies with the nourishment they needed to thrive. The second she sees her puppies again, it’s clear she’s overcome by emotion and eager to nurse and care for her babies. Wait until you see this reunion!

The team said Asha Attie was a perfect mom to her babies, and was consistently attending to her puppies.

We’re happy to say the entire Attie family is now happy, healthy and have all found their forever homes! Thank God for these people, who did whatever it took to see these beautiful dogs to safety.

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