After I Saw This Video, I NEVER Ordered Restaurant Steak Again


The white powder sold by the kilo, is the meat companies secret weapon to saving money, and tricking you. Meat glue is used to stick meat together and sold as prime cuts.

The meat is leftover scraps that the company has over from making previous packages of meat. by covering the meat in the glue and wrapping it, the meat sticks together and forms another piece of meat.

As the video shows, you can not even breath the powder in! It is almost impossible to spot which meat has the powder when it is uncooked, but when cooked it is impossible.

It tastes the same as the actual meat. Meat companies use this technique to save money by using the leftover scraps of meat that would otherwise be thrown away.

But according to laws, you do not have to be informed you are being sold meat stuck together.



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