Woman Places A Friendly Spider On Her Face


Of course, there are many of us who are scared of spiders. But most spiders are not toxic, and the truth about them is quite different, as many are imagining.

This is also claimed by the author of the video, which is a real sensation on the internet these days

The girl, who comes from Sarina, Australia, shot a scene on the camera when a large spider climbed over her face. This particular Giant Golden orb-weaver is a female who was gravid at the time, which means she had a belly full of eggs that she was getting ready to lay.

The author of the video also said that her mission was to show people that many spiders are not dangerous, and at the same time she wants to encourage many not be afraid of spiders.

We doubt that we will place such a spider on our face, but if you are just brave enough, you can re-do her performance…

Source: klipland



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