They See A Baby And Her Mom Dying In The Mud. And Then? I Have CHILLS


Conservation workers don’t normally intervene when nature takes hold of the animals who reside there. But on this particular day, they just could not sit by and watch a mother elephant die with her baby.

A baby African elephant became stuck in a deep mud lagoon in Zambia. When the calf’s mother saw her fall and struggle, she attempted to rescue her — but she also sank in and got stuck. The deeper they sank, the higher their likelihood of death became.

By the grace of God, wildlife officials and conservationists saw the pair and snapped into action. For two whole hours, they battled against the heat as the mud began to dry.

As soon as they made progress and began pulling the calf to safety, the baby ran back into the mud to be with her mother. It’s incredible to see how she risked her own life to stay by her mom’s side.

After yet another two attempts, tireless effort, and tons of strength, the heroes were finally able to pull Mom out of the mud. Exhausted but grateful, she ran back to her herd and baby.

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The herd stands in panic over the mother and baby, who both sank deep into Africa’s muddy lagoon.


As the mud began to dry, the small calf cried out in fear. She and her mom needed help as they faced imminent death.


Abram Banda/Shangrala Family Fun

Wildlife officials and conservationists worked together to pull of this incredible rescue. They managed to slip a rope under the baby, but the task of pulling her out proved nearly impossible.


Abram Banda/Shangrala Family Fun

The workers first attempted to rescue the calf and were successful, but instead of running free she ran back into the mud to be with Mom. She got stuck again in the process.


Abram Banda/Shangrala Family Fun

The baby girl cried out for help — it seemed all hope was lost, and that Mom was about to die.


The calf was nearly free once again, but she looked as though she wanted to return back to her mother a second time.



The team frantically tried to keep the calf from getting stuck again.


Abram Banda/Shangrala Family Fun

They tried to rescue the calf one last time. This was their last shot.


Abram Banda/Shangrala Family Fun

Finally, the baby is pulled to safety!


Abram Banda/Shangrala Family Fun

Her herd cries out to her, and luckily she runs to them this time. But Mom is still in dire need.


Abram Banda/Shangrala Family Fun

Mom is so exhausted at this point. She’s ready to give up, but the workers are determined to reunite her with her daughter.


Abram Banda/Shangrala Family Fun

They knew they couldn’t physically pull Mom by themselves, so they needed something stronger — a tractor.


Abram Banda/Shangrala Family Fun

Little by little, they’re able to pull her out of the muddy grave. Mom has to put in some of the work, too.


Abram Banda/Shangrala Family Fun

She screams for her baby as her body is pulled from the muddy grave.


Abram Banda/Shangrala Family Fun

Finally, Mom is able to escape for good. She runs back to her herd and her worried baby.


Abram Banda/Shangrala Family Fun

Safe at last, all thanks to a group of heroes who did whatever it took. Simply astonishing.




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