See Legedema The Majestic Leopard Get In Touch With Her Maternal Instincts


Leopards are some of the most famous predators in the world.

Like their other cousins among the big cats, they are well known for their speed, agility, and killer instincts. While fellow wild cats have shown some willingness to interact with humans — like these tiny, mischievous tiger cubs — these animals are predators first.

In fact, expert zoologists like Kevin Richardson have emphasized time and again that humans should never approach any predatory animal without years of familiarity. However, it seems that the same rule does not apply to very tiny baby baboons, as we see in the video below.

This is a snippet of a 2006 documentary called Eye of the Leopard, which follows the growth of a young female leopard named Legedema. In this moment, she’s caught between the full growth of her predator instincts and cub-like curiosity.

Both come into play when the young cat makes a kill, an adult baboon, and discovers her day-old baby clinging to her side. What follows is one of the beautiful mysteries of the animal kingdom, as an inquisitive Legedema decides exactly how to feel about this tiny, adorable complication to her predatory life. Watch her explore her maternal instincts in the beautiful video below.

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Warning: this video contains brief imagery that some viewers may find upsetting.



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