They See A Statue Hide *Something* In His Robe. Seconds Later


You’re about to be blown away by Jerome Murat’s incredible cabaret show, titled The Living Statue. One YouTube user describes the piece best: “Thisperformance was intended to be mind-blowing illusion. This effect was an incredible example of magical performance art, showmanship of the highest caliber. I am sure this performance will always be remembered by the audience members long after the show ended. It doesn’t take a $20,000 illusion to captivate an audience. It just takes creativity, skill, and showmanship.”

That’s right — this brilliant performance leaves audiences shaking their heads and wondering how he does it. That’s why there are several theories as to how Jerome Murat created this incredibly beautiful piece.

One theory is that his right hand is inside the second head and there is a fake arm/hand attached to the staff he’s holding. He then proceeds to switch his hand from position to position, real to “fake” while using a combination of lighting effects and invisible wires from the ceiling, controlled by someone in the rafters. The person in the rafters floats the second head over to him and he pulls it over his stocking-covered head, as if the second head has replaced his original head. Another theory is that he wears black under his costume, so it looks like his head isn’t there with the black light on.

Regardless of how Jerome achieved it, the fact remains that this piece is a stunning work of art, magic, poetry, and symbolism.

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