Senior Dog’s Best Friend Lives On His Street. He Grabs Leash And Walks Himself Over Every Day.


There are bonds we have with certain people in life that are indescribable. They don’t make sense, but it doesn’t really matter. You just get along so well, and the vibe between you is undeniable. It clicks! There’s no effort or drama, it just works. This happens between animals and humans, but there are extra special cases where it occurs between an animal and a human!

Now we know that dogs and their owners get along well, but in this story, there seems to be a strong connection with the dog and the neighbor. Cheddar is a big, floppy loveable golden retriever. He’s gentle, kind, needy and just loves to be loved and give some love back. Plus, he oozes personality, doing quirky things on the regular that his owners just can’t get enough of – like the unwavering love and adoration he has for the neighbor down the street.

Cheddar was first spotted by Cheryl. Cheryl and her husband opted to foster him and were unsure as to whether or not they wanted to adopt – Cheddar is 8 years old and considered a senior dog. The pup did have a family at one point, but he was given up when a family member got cancer, and they couldn’t give the dog the love and attention he needed. So Cheryl took him in and after two days, didn’t want to give him back. They fell in love with the doggo and decided that he would be theirs forever.

One day, Cheddar was on a walk, and they were going through the neighborhood when Cheryl stopped to say hi to their neighbors. That’s when Cheddar took an immediate and keen liking to Jean. The bouncy pup just couldn’t get enough of her and wanted to become best friends with her instantly.

From then on, he has trouble leaving her side! He even walks himself over to Jean’s with the leash in his mouth to go for walks. Cheddar always wants Jean to come for walks and makes himself at home when he goes over for a visit. Jean regularly “dogsits” and Cheddar just loves being in her company!

We’ve always heard about stories in which the dog loves its owner’s company, but this has to be the first time that a dog is so fond of a neighbor! Jean is lucky!

Click below for Cheddar’s full story! This is a really cute friendship!



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