Senior Pit Bull Saves His 60-Year-Old Owner From Robber! What A HERO!


Pit Bulls have gotten a bad reputation over the years and I’m sick of it! The Pit Bull breed has been called many names, but usually caring, compassionate and heroic are not some of them.

However, these are the exact words to describe Champ, a senior Pit who came to his owner’s rescue – without hesitation – when she was attacked by a potential robber. Millie Fiser of Little Rock, Arkansas was picking up trash outside her home when a man pushed her to the ground from behind and demanded money, according to ArkansasOnline. She called for her loyal dog, who ran over and barked at the would-be robber until he fled.

“I know that he would literally die for me. This is a real good example that he will always be right there for me – always,” 60-year-old Fiser told KATV. Fiser’s neighbors describe Champ as a gentle giant and were not surprised by the dog’s heroism.

I’m so happy this dog is making headlines for his good deed! Please help SHARE the good news about this heroic and loyal Pit Bull.




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