Senior Woman Gets The Chance To Play Piano In A Concert Hall


When Maria Malone was just a small girl, a music instructor from a respected school came across her playing the piano, and within minutes of hearing her raw ability, he just knew she had a bright future ahead of her. He immediately offered he a full scholarship to learn how to properly play the piano in a formal setting.

As the years passed by, her training truly began to show her skill. Her talent was reaching incredible levels, and a dream began to form in her head, a dream that one day she could actually become a famous and respected concert pianist!

But she fell in love, and eventually realized that if she wanted to start a family, she wouldn’t be able to travel the world playing to sold-out music halls. She became a piano teacher instead, as she helped raise her beautiful children. She loved being a mother and a wife, but the dream still remained.

Many years later, after her children had grown, Maria is suffering from the horrible effects of Alzheimer’s. And while she struggles with her memory, she was finally given the chance to perform the piano in front of a huge audience at Vanderbilt University.

While her memory has issues, when her fingers touched the keys, she was instantly taken back to the early days of her career. Playing her instrument in front of an audience in a huge concert hall, we’re happy to say that Maria has finally lived her dream.

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