She Set Up A Camera To Watch Her Dog At Home. What She Sees? Heartbreaking…


Although a majority of pet owners leave their animals home alone at some point during the week, we’re always left wondering what they’re doing while we’re away — especially when you know they have separation anxiety.

The clip you’re about to see reveals what happened when a few concerned families teamed up with pet experts to find out what their dogs do when they’re home alone, and how they could solve the problem.

One couple, Nancy and Alex, rigged cameras in their home to film the behavior of their dog, Max. When they played back the footage, they were heartbroken. Max cries and howls the day away, longing for Nancy and Alex to return.

Professor Daniel Mills with the University of Lincoln suggests the right brain of dogs is associated of negative emotions. When positive things happen, the left brain will heat up. Dr. Emily Blackwell from University of Bristol helped the families bring toys into the home that would help with separation problems, as well as techniques to alleviate stress and anxiety. For example: Leaving the home gradually can help dogs feel more confident when left alone, and using buzz words like “relax” before leaving can be calming for the solitary pup.

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