She’s Only 2 Years Old, But When I Heard Her Sing… So Moving!


There’s nothing like hearing little ones show off their chops.

However, it’s a little rare that I can ever make out what a 2-year-old is saying (which is part of what makes it super cute).

When I heard Makena singing “Someone Like You” by Adele I was impressed not only by her enunciation but by how soulful her performance is.

Although the biggest voices often come in the smallest packages, this young singer blew the judges away because they couldn’t see his age and this 11-year-old boy’s school talent show performance managed to become an internet sensation.

Makena may have only been on Earth a few months but she’s definitely got an old soul.


You can see her feel the same emotion that I thought only Adele was able to convey through her moody hooks and sultry voice.

Someone get this little one singing lessons ASAP! My favorite part comes at 1:10 when she rocks the chorus out.

Parents and kids alike are loving Makena.

“I watched this with my 2-year-old who loves singing and no one could keep the smile off his face now he won’t stop singing it,” one commenter said.

Watch the video below and if you’ve got a little one watch it with them.

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